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Visible Child is pleased to provide personalized consultation and coaching to parents, families, schools, and organizations.

For parents, consultations often focus on :

  • enhancing/coaching for respectful caregiving,
  • understanding and adapting to a child whose temperament or characteristics might be so different from your own
  • empowering parents to experience more joy in parenting
  • adjustment to first time parenthood
  • understanding child development and brain development
  • living and working with children who are highly sensitive
  • establishment of routines
  • limit setting strategies
  • adjustments/transitions to new siblings, homes, or schools
  • solutions to challenging behavior
  • sleeping or eating challenges
  • temperament or child development coaching

For schools or organizations, consultations often focus on:

  • training & staff development needs
  • respectful caregiving
  • early childhood mental health observation and consultation
  • curriculum development
  • observation and assessment of children, teachers, or classrooms
  • classroom environment:  the environment as the “third teacher”
  • accreditation or quality improvement
  • grounding in child development
  • parent-teacher or parent-school relationships

At Visible Child, we pride ourselves on collaborative and eclectic consulting.  The beauty of individual consultation is that it allows us to address, in a very direct and applicable way, the needs, values, and style of an individual child and their families or caregivers, providing solutions and support that work for YOU–it is neither a cookie cutter nor a dogmatic approach.  We come to solutions together.  You bring your knowledge of your child, and we bring the research, resources, experience, and child development expertise…together, we find solutions!


Consultations are usually virtual, by by Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Facebook Messenger or by phone.  I live in the U.S. (Eastern Time Zone), but regularly do consultations with parents and families all over the globe.  On rare occasion, I have done in-person consultations during travel or near my home, but that is atypical. Think of it a little bit like what “Super Nanny” does (except completely different, although I do long for the ability to observe in that way!)

My work is nearly exclusively with parents rather than children.


Currently, those consultations are provided by Robin Einzig, President and Founder of Visible Child.  Over time, as Visible Child grows, we hope to offer additional consultation opportunities, especially in relation to specific concerns (early intervention, sleep specialists, etc.)

Robin is a child development professional with more than 35 years of experience, as well as a writer and a parent.  She brings a collaborative spirit, an easy-going eclectic approach, and a wealth of creative solutions for every challenge.   She is also a parent.

Robin has a strong background in respectful/conscious parenting, infant-toddler development, and clinical developmental psychology, including having trained and/or worked directly with Magda Gerber (founder of RIE), Ron Lally (founder of Zero to Three), Ed Zigler (one of the founders of Head Start),  Sharon Lynn Kagan (child development policy expert), Berry Brazelton (of Touchpoints fame),  Stanley Greenspan (founder of FloorTime), Bessel VanderKolk (noted trauma specialist) and many many others.   Robin has been a teacher, child care administrator, curriculum developer, program development specialist, university lecturer, trainer, early childhood mental health specialist, and trauma specialist.  The one constant in all of her work is a deep and persistent passion and commitment to respect and dignity for children of all ages, and a belief in the unique potential of every child.


Our standard fee is $125/hour.   I generally recommend that first-time consults be booked for an hour and half, at a cost of $187.50, as there is a lot to cover in a first meeting, and they inevitably wind up going over an hour.  Unfortunately, parent coaching is not covered by insurance.  Payment for consults is due upon booking.

You can also design your own custom package consultations that combine more extensive ongoing phone/email/text support, multiple visits, or other longer term projects–almost anything that you can conceive.  If you’d like more information about an ongoing consultation package, please email us at, with the subject line “Consultation Package”, and we’ll send you the options!


You visit our booking site, which is here:

You will be prompted for you contact information, information about your family, your preferred mode of consult, and what issues you are seeking to address.  You will also be able to make a request for a particular time, or you can submit up to three options.  We will get back to you to confirm the time, and then we will contact you at that time.  The booking site will also prompt you for online payment of fees.

The one thing you should know about meeting is that I generally do not discuss children or their behavior in front of the children.  Speaking about people and “how to handle them” in the third person in their presence feels disrespectful to me.  If it is an observation-based consultation, of course the children are there and I interact with them, and might model strategies upon request.  Even in those cases, the follow up discussion is done when the child is not present.  So it’s good to keep that in mind when you are considering the best times to talk.

We talk for an hour or more (depending what you’ve booked) ending with a clear plan to address your concerns.  All consults include a few very brief check-ins via email or messaging, just to tweak or fine tune the plan. I also like to know how things are going!


If you want to explore possibilities for consultation, please email us at, and use the subject line “Consultation.”  If you are ready to schedule a consultation, visit our booking site, found HERE.  We will get back to you within 48 hours.

We look forward to working with you!

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