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Consultations & Coaching

Consultations & Coaching

For Parents, Caregivers, Schools & Organizations


Visible Child provides personalized consultation and coaching to parents, families, schools, and organizations.


Consultations & Coaching Sessions are held virtually, typically via Zoom.  Robin lives in the U.S. (Eastern Time Zone), but regularly works with parents and families all over the world.


Robin is a child development professional with more than 40 years of experience; she is also a writer and a parent. She brings a collaborative spirit, an easy-going eclectic approach, humor, and a wealth of creative solutions to every challenge.

Visible CHILD Blog

Visible CHILD Blog

Articles, Stories, Discussion Starters & More

Our blog contains over 75 articles with advice, perspective, stories, lessons, and techniques that you can try on your own or discuss with others on the Parents’ Circle Forums.

Robin has been a writer, educator, consultant and coach for parents, schools, and child development/education organizations all over the world. In the Visible Child blog, she shares her experiences and the lessons and strategies drawn from her decades of work.

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Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

A Private Social Network For Our Members

The Discussion are ways for our community to connect!  Unlike on social media, we can specifiy or search by topic, and specifically connect with others in similar situations.  You can subscribe to conversations so you get notifications by email, or browse at will!

Create a profile, upload a profile photo, connect with other parents and join us in the forum discussions!

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Resource Library

Resource Library

Interactive Online Resource Library

The Resource Library is a members-only collection of resources including readings, videos, discussions, worksheets, links, and more, organized by topics.

This library is just beginning to be developed, with plans for an extensive collection.  Click below to be notified as new topics are added.  If you have an idea for a topic, let us know via the Contact form!

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    About Us

    We are a research, training, parent support, and educational consulting service that serves families and the organizations and institutions with whom families interact every day. We work with children, parents, child care centers, schools, social service agencies, and other organizations, always with a focus on the best outcomes for children and families.   We are deeply committed to a lens of respect and empathy for children, grounded in knowledge of child development.

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