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Thinking about Becoming a Member?

Wonderful! We’re so excited to be launching this new community, and we’d love to have you. Of course, you want to know more–read on!

Existing Visible Child Community

Maybe you are a longtime, die-hard Visible Child-er, having participated and followed the approach on Facebook and via our blog. Happy to see you here. Perhaps you’re wondering if this is meant as a replacement for that work. It won’t surprise you to hear that the answer to that is “it depends!” (a hallmark of Visible Child, for those of you who are new.) The Facebook page and group will remain just as they have been–they’re not going anywhere–with the only change being that Robin’s time and availability will likely shift somewhat, as she offers an increasing amount of time to this membership community.

So why join this community? Oh, so many reasons. Please scroll down for a full list of what is and will be increasingly available to members in our new home here on the web, and what will remain free and accessible to all. Plenty for everyone!

  • For those of you who choose to be “early adopters” (in effect until August 1, 2023), you become a “founding member” and you have the unique opportunity to give valuable feedback and input into what this community provides and how it works, so you get to be a part of creating a place that will be just what you’re looking for.
  • Some of you have indicated that you would like to go more “in depth” with a smaller community, where all members are committed to the Visible Child approach, and where you can access courses, ask more detailed questions, and connect with others in similar situations.
  • Some of you will take this opportunity to join as an expression of support for all of the valuable work and resources that have been provided for free for more than 8 years. Thank you!
  • Some of you (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) have expressed a wish to access and be a part of the Visible Child community without needing to be on Facebook.
  • Any reason, all reasons, we’d love to have you!

New to Visible Child?

Just finding us? Maybe you have been waiting to join the Facebook group or happened upon a Visible Child blog post. Maybe you stumbled across us on a Google search. No matter how you got here or how much you know about us, you are welcome to join our community! Before you commit to membership, please take some time to check out our About page and read some of the Visible Child blog posts–those will give you a good idea what we’re about. Be sure to scroll down on this page to read more about the benefits of becoming a member.

Why become a member?

So many reasons! Here are some of the features of the new site that will be available to members.

  • Modules: This is one of the features we are most excited about! These are little “units” on a range of topics. Kind of like a library or like a filing cabinet, with a little “file” on, say, “Playground Protocol” or “Limit setting” (several modules on that!) or “3 year olds”, each with a range of resources which may include a short video, links, a worksheet, and more. As we’re just starting out, there are only a few, but the plan is for this library to be extensive–and members can make requests or suggestions.
  • Discussion forums: A whole world of dedicated threads for asking questions and talking about the things most relevant to you and getting support from those with similar lives or concerns. Connect with people who live near you, read past threads on a wide range of topics, focus on a particular age group, and more.
  • Parents’ Circle: This private social-media-ish feature functions a lot like the Facebook group. Members can post questions, share videos and photos, post articles, and respond to things that are shared there by Visible Child.
  • Full Video Library: While a portion of videos will be free and publicly available, members will have access to the entire video library, including a new video blog, recordings from webinars, and a new video feature called “Mindfulness Moments.” Each video is linked to a Forum discussion thread where members can share comments and reactions.
  • Courses & Webinars: Currently in development. Members will be able to access these for free or at a disounted rate.
  • “Office Hours”: Robin will be holding regular “open office hours” for questions and answers via Zoom, at various times to accommodate different time zones. These will available for a fee to non-members, free for members.
  • TBD: With your help, the site will continue to grow and evolve, so there’s no telling what might be available for members in the future. We are considering offering match-ups for mentoring or “parent partnerships”, for example.

How much does Membership cost?

Right now, we’re inviting members to “get in on the ground floor” and be an active part of helping grow the website. In these early days, we are just starting to build content, so the resources are not as extensive as we hope they will be in a few months. As a result, we are offering an “Early Adopter” membership rate of $5 US per month, billed automatically each month. This is in effect until August 1, 2023.

Shortly before August 1, all existing members will receive an email, reminding them that the regular membership rate of $30/month will be going into effect. Members can continue to automatically pay each month, or we also plan on offering a discounted rate for a full year’s membership, paid in advance (two free months!). The value of the benefits and resources of the site, access to live zoom meetings, and discounted classes and workshops will far exceed $30/month.

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