Children Are Not Our Adversaries

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Children Are Not Our Adversaries

Here is a question for you: What do we gain by seeing or holding on to the notion of our children as our adversaries? Is there a way to take notice when we are doing that and take responsibility for it?

As a child development consultant and parent coach, this is on of the very hardest challenges for me… I feel like I can’t answer a question or help until we are able to get past the idea that the child is ‘the problem’ or ‘rude’ or ‘impossible’ or ‘determined to make our lives hell.’ It stops me in my tracks–how can we forge respectful solutions together when a parent sees their child as ‘at fault.’?

And yet we do it. We still cling SO tightly to our children as the source or cause of our frustration…when in actuality, the only one responsible for our feelings is ourselves.

-Robin Einzig, Visible Child Blog

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