understanding children

Putting Development First

If there is one thing that distinguishes my work and groups from others that may have overlapping philosophies or values, it is that I am a serious, devoted, and passionate developmentalist, and my work and advice is constantly and squarely grounded in child development–what we know about the path, trajectory, and idiosyncratic nature of children’s Putting Development First

Toddler Lives in Adult Time

You may not want to hear this. But here goes. Toddlers (and those on either side of them, infants and preschoolers) do not care about being somewhere on time. They don’t care about what time school or day care starts. They don’t care what time you have to be at work. They don’t care what Toddler Lives in Adult Time

Authenticity: The Hardest Truth

My business, Visible Child, has a tag line that means a great deal to me, and is at the heart of the work and writing that I do every day: “As a matter of fact, they DO come with instructions.” As you may have figured out, it is in reference to the omnipresent comment expressed Authenticity: The Hardest Truth