101 Dead Mothers and Other Tales for Children

Bambi.  The Land Before Time.  Finding Nemo.  Frozen.  Tarzan.  The Lion King.  The Little Mermaid.   Kung Fu Panda.  Ice Age.  Beauty and the Beast.  Despicable Me.   Countless fairy tales. Dead mothers.  Dead fathers.  Missing parents.  But mostly mothers, mostly dead mothers.  Trauma, trauma, and more trauma.  What are we thinking?  As some of you know, 101 Dead Mothers and Other Tales for Children

The Best In “Interactive Platforms”

Today, a story came out on National Public Radio about teaching children words via a new Sesame Workshop (the company that owns Sesame Street and associated products and media) app called “Big Bird’s Words,” the third piece in a 3-piece series on early literacy.   In this piece (available both in written and in audio The Best In “Interactive Platforms”