Art & Science: Thoughts about RIE®

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a land not so far away–in a time before banishment–I was a member of a very well known discussion group on facebook that focuses on parenting according to RIE®, a relatively unknown and and simultaneously frequently misunderstood philosophy of respectful caregiving, popularized (such as it is) in Art & Science: Thoughts about RIE®

Why Punishments Don’t Work

You’ve tried it all. Taking away toys.  Taking away fun stuff to do.   Canceling playdates or a trip to the aquarium. Time-outs.  Yelling.  Spanking.  Isolation.  Lectures. How’s that working for you?  Have the behaviors gone away?  Do you now have calm, pleasant, cooperative children?  Or does the need for these strategies continue? To be fair, Why Punishments Don’t Work

A Slice of RIE – “Sportscasting”

Whether or not you feel the the infant/toddler parenting philosophy known as RIE (Resources for Infant Educaring)®  is a good fit for you, there are small but powerful lessons to be learned by those who do take on this sometimes challenging but deeply rewarding work.  Perhaps the most life-changing of all is the ever-increasing data, A Slice of RIE – “Sportscasting”