Toddler Lives in Adult Time

You may not want to hear this. But here goes. Toddlers (and those on either side of them, infants and preschoolers) do not care about being somewhere on time. They don’t care about what time school or day care starts. They don’t care what time you have to be at work. They don’t care what Toddler Lives in Adult Time

There’s No Trying In Limit Setting

Today, on one of the facebook groups that I run, a member asked what feels to me like the quintessential limit-setting and respectful discipline question.  It was a long and complex question with many parts, especially as it contained examples, which I had specifically requested (it is so much easier to answer discipline questions when There’s No Trying In Limit Setting

Authenticity: The Hardest Truth

My business, Visible Child, has a tag line that means a great deal to me, and is at the heart of the work and writing that I do every day: “As a matter of fact, they DO come with instructions.” As you may have figured out, it is in reference to the omnipresent comment expressed Authenticity: The Hardest Truth

Choices: Why? When?

I’ve encountered a lot of misunderstandings about offering children choices recently. I’m hoping a rundown might help.  Today, focusing on why and when choices are a good idea. 1.  Why offer choices?  One of the most critical and valuable pieces of advice we can receive in today’s social media-saturated world is “Don’t Read The Comments.”  Choices: Why? When?

Consequences & How We Misuse Them

As most of you who read this blog know, I’m a stickler for words and definitions.  One of the places in which this comes up most frequently is in regard to “consequences.”  It’s not that I like being annoying, it’s that I just can’t help myself from commenting on this.  Not to skirt responsibility or Consequences & How We Misuse Them

On Being “Strengths Based”

When I describe my work, I proudly say that my perspective is “Strengths Based.”  Recently, some people have asked what that means (Oh.  Good point). Every one of us, regardless of the type of work we do, carry biases and values.  If someone tells you they have none, run, do not walk, in the opposite On Being “Strengths Based”