challenging behavior

It Depends

There’s this thing that happens. It happens in the parenting groups that I run. It happens in workshops that I teach. It occasionally happens in consultation or coaching sessions. It sounds something like this: “But last time, you said….” “But Robin said that other time…” “That’s not what you said last time!” “I remember that It Depends

There’s No Trying In Limit Setting

Today, on one of the facebook groups that I run, a member asked what feels to me like the quintessential limit-setting and respectful discipline question.  It was a long and complex question with many parts, especially as it contained examples, which I had specifically requested (it is so much easier to answer discipline questions when There’s No Trying In Limit Setting

Parenting The Child You Have

We have to talk. This parenting thing, it’s a tough job.  Don’t we know it. Some say that having a child is like walking around for the rest of your life with your heart outside your body.  Yeah, kinda. One thing I know for sure.  None of us get through it without pain and struggle.  Parenting The Child You Have

Consequences & How We Misuse Them

As most of you who read this blog know, I’m a stickler for words and definitions.  One of the places in which this comes up most frequently is in regard to “consequences.”  It’s not that I like being annoying, it’s that I just can’t help myself from commenting on this.  Not to skirt responsibility or Consequences & How We Misuse Them

Car Seat Madness

In my work with parents of toddlers, I would rank car seats as one of the most complicated and tricky issues.  Here we are, wanting and trying to be respectful of our children.  We read books, we attend workshops (waving at the parents from my discipline workshop last night!), we talk with other parents….and yet, Car Seat Madness