Visible Child is a research, training, parent support, and educational consulting service that serves families and the organizations and institutions with whom families interact every day.   We work with children, parents, child care centers, schools, social service agencies, and other organizations, always with one eye on the best outcomes for children and families.  We also offer parent-infant and parent-toddler classes in the Greater Boston area.

We believe that all children deserve respect as full human beings, and that caring for them requires tremendous dedication and attention, not to mention sacrifice. We believe that, from birth, children tell us who they are as individuals, and how best to care for and advocate for them, if only we can develop the skill to observe and listen closely.

With that in mind, our tagline is “As a matter of fact, they DO come with instructions!“, in reference to the phrases that we all hear so frequently, “I wish babies came with instructions!” or “Well, babies don’t come with instructions, you know.”  We believe they DO come with instructions–they are born with their own instruction book, their own parenting guide.  Our job as parents is to figure out how to read it, or better yet, how to hear them when they read it to us.

We believe in the somewhat worn adage “It takes a village to raise a child”, and as such, believe that children do not “belong” to their parents or other adults, but that it is in all of our interests to support the children and families in our communities.

We believe in children.

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