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Webinar Update: Toilet Learning in Older children flyer

Webinar Update: Toilet Learning in Older children

[The recording will be available via a link sent to all registered participants sometime early this coming week. If you did not register for this webinar, but would like to get access to the recording, stay tuned, there will be a way to do that shortly!]

Many members of the Visible Child community embrace the VC recommendation of “child-led toilet learning”.  The great majority of children make the decision and the transition on their own sometime between about 3 and 4 years of age.  Of course, sometimes external forces compel us to “toilet train” earlier.  And sometimes, despite our efforts, children do NOT make the decision or transition on their own.  As children get older–over 4, 4.5, heading toward 5–parents become anxious, worrying that we have done something wrong, and trying to just “wait it out” to keep with the approach. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.  And sometimes parents and children are genuinely ready, but the child has reached a stage in which resistance is more likely…and then adults find themselves in the unfamiliar or uncomfortable place of needing or wanting to take a more confident leadership role.   In this webinar, Robin discusses these issues, and responds to pre-submitted questions.