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Membership Renewal Glitch!

IMPORTANT: This only applies to about 25% of members. IF THIS IS YOU, YOU HAVE EITHER ALREADY BEEN SENT AN EMAIL WITH AN INVOICE THAT LETS YOU DO THIS DIRECTLY OR YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. If you did not receive an email but are having trouble accessing the site, please contact us at for assistance.

So, we’ve hit a bit of glitch in the membership renewal process–we promise we’ve got it well in hand and this won’t happen again. Growing pains, eh? Here’s what happened:

Those of you who joined in the very first few days after we launched processed your subscription through Stripe…and then a bit later, we switched over the payment platform to WooCommerce, which avoids a step and makes the site operate more smoothly. We thought it was no problem because WooCommerce and Stripe (both payment processors) operate on the same platform, but it turned out that it created a different account ID for each payment processor, so it did not automatically renew.

So…for the first group of you that signed up when we started (with Stripe) we’ll need you to enter your payment information again. Please accept our apologies, and rest assured this should not happen again and your membership after you update your payment info this time around should auto-renew going forward without you needing to re-enter your details each time. As mentioned above, if this applies to you, you should have received an email with instructions.

If you did not get an email and your membership seems to be paused, you can still log in to the site, and go to your account by clicking on the little circle in the upper right, which opens the user drop-down menu, going to your “Profile” and clicking on the “Shop” tab. That will show you the manual renewal that needs your attention.

Additionally we have confirmed with our web developer/security expert, our hosting account provider and our payment processor that no information was lost or breached, rest assured your accounts/user details are safe and secure.

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm and for sticking with us through these start-up glitches!