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If you’ve visited a lot of blogs, you know some of them are about politics, some are about celebrities, some are about technology, some are personal journals, and some don’t fit in any of those categories! But one thing they have in common is that they are one person or one companies take on things–and this one is no exception.

Just so you know, the sort of things you’re likely to read here are: commentary on recent news or research on children, education, or parenting, personal reflections, guest articles or opinion pieces, links to interesting blogs or articles on the web about children and parenting, and

Like anyone else out there, we have our biases, but we try to be aware of them and name them. So what are they? Well, you’ll get a sense as you read, but for convenience, let’s just say that we’re in favor of responsive, engaged, respectful parenting, creativity, freedom, and critical thinking for children, and a culture and community that supports children and creates safety for children to be, well, children. And now that we mention it, we’re big on that, too…children being children (as opposed to being target markets, consumers, or merely smaller teenagers or adults). That gives you a basic idea, anyway.

Most importantly, this space is for you…so use it! Leave comments–they will get responses! Write a guest blog piece and submit it to us at (we don’t guarantee publication, but we’ll sure consider it!). Make a suggestion of something you want us to talk about–chances are you’ll see it show up!

Sit down, put your feet up (yeah, like any of us have time for that), and make yourself at home!

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